Present to Past

315MVA New world record arc furnace transformer manufactured.


First arc furnace transformer export to Europe.

First booster technology arc furnace transformer manufactured.

First inverter transformer for a hydrogen plant manufactured.

Distribution transformer with 24-pulse and two active parts manufactured.

First shunt reactor export to USA market.

310MVA world's second largest arc furnace transformer manufactured again.

640MVA company record biggest three phase transformer.

Total 1600MVA rated, 533MVA monophase units manufactured.

Enviornmental friendly, 70MVA ester oil based transformers manufactured.

First IP44 celling dry type transformer with 20MVA rating manufactured for a nuclear power plant.

Distribution transformers with B thermal class manufactured.

First distribution transformer with OLTC and 35 taps at HV side manufactured.


First export to USA market.

Short-circiut test transformer with 153 position and double active part manufactured.

First oil forced distribution transformer manufactured.

Water cooled distribution transformer manufactured.

First dry type shunt reactor with air-gapped center core manufactured.

Türkiye's largest dry type transformer with 34MVA rating manufactured.

502 MVA 400kV transformer production was completed.

The United Nations (UN) Global Compact was signed.

First air-gapped dry type reactor manufactured. 


450 MVA; 400/161/31,5 kV Auto transformers  manufactured and they successfully passed the short-circuit withstand test in an Independent and International Test Laboratory KEMA.

 First 502 MVA, 380 kV Auto transformers order received from Saudi Arabia Electricity Company.

World’s lowest noise reactor manufactured with 100 MVAr LpA 48 dB.

Production of 500 MVA, 400/20-22 kV Step-up transformer.


Production of 2 units 200 MVA, 330/161 kV Phase-shifting transformers.

New Dry Type Transformer factory completed.

New modern dry type transformer production facilities are opened.

First 180 MVA 500 kV magnetically control shunt reactor manufactured.

First Phase Shifting high power transformer 200 MVA 330/161 kV tested and delivered.

Production of first Magnetically Controlled Shunt Reactor 180 MVA, 500 kV unit with 8-legs.


BEST manufactured the world’s largest arc furnace transformer (310MVA 34,5/1,8…1,389kV) to be used in İÇDAŞ iron and steel plant.

ISO EN 3834-2 Certification.

122,16MVAr 420kV, 146,59MVAr 420kV and 183,24MVAr 420kV shunt reactors manufactured for TEIAS (Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation) projects and successfully completed factory acceptance tests.

ISO EN 3834-2 Certification.

Production of world largest arc furnace transformer 310 MVA – 180 kAmps per phase.

Production of 387MVA 750kV test transformer for reactor testing.

Production of 120MVAr 525kV and 160MVAr 525kV shunt reactors.

Production of 167MVA 525kV autotransformers.


BEST started to manufacture cast-resin dry type transformers.

High-end Magnetic Core production plant established.

BEST was certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as an R&D Center.

After acquisition of AEG contracting (now called BETAS) BEST started to work to deliver transformer for turnkey substations up to 525kV with BETAS.

Completely new and modern OIZ factory with the unit capacity up to 1000MVA and 750kV started its production as a second plant.

Production of 310MVA, 395kV Generator Step-up Transformers.

ISO EN 18001 Certification.

On-site Test Laboratories were accredited according to IEC ISO 17025.


Modern mechanical production plant established.

First 250MVA, 380kV autotransformer production, successfully mechanical short-circuit withstand tested at Independent International Test Laboratory (KEMA) and supply to Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS).


Production of 80/100MVA, 380kV single-phase power transformers

Production of first 100MVA, 154/31,5kV power transformer


Production of first 170kV voltage level transformer

Production under EBG (Electro Bau AG) License


Started Production

BEST is established