Quality Policy


Our objective is while ensuring the contributions of our employees, securing their jobs and ensuring continuous development, also making an efficient production which is in accordance with our commitments ,with the occupational safety rules, respectful to the environment, high quality, in compatible with the expectations of our customers and standards.

Quality, which means satisfying requirements completely and in a timely manner, with environmental awareness, at a safe and reliable level with the focus on customers and emphasis on process in all our products and services, is the necessary condition for achieving our goals and objectives.

Good operation of management systems, adoption of the quality understanding, the participation, satisfaction and efforts of employees, doing a high-quality work at the first time, planned usage of resources, and compliance with occupational safety rules constitute our common goal.

In order to achieve this goal, we are committed and warrant:

• to comply with all statutory regulations related with management systems;

• that all our employees will comply with all the relevant statutory regulations and the commitments of this policy for the health and safety of both themselves and their colleagues, as well as the society and the environment;

• that employees and/or employee representatives will be involved in the implementation of management systems;

• to set goals and objectives in relation to management systems and to review them periodically, to provide the necessary resources for and to operate the management systems in line with such goals and objectives;

• to take energy performance, environmental impacts and safe working conditions into account during the product design and material/service procurement stages;

• to try to achieve a higher level of excellence through continuous improvements in the performance of management systems;

• to develop methods for prevention of work accidents and environmental pollution, efficient use of energy and natural resources, and reduction and recycling of wastes;

• to eliminate occupational safety-related hazards, to assess all risks, and to plan and take the necessary actions for prevention of accidents and ensuring safe working conditions;

• to inform all our employees, subcontractors and suppliers in relation to the practices on management systems;

• to make our management systems policy publicly available for review and to ensure that it is understood by all our employees; and

• to achieve these objectives and to ensure their continued sustainability through the involvement and conscious efforts of our employees in all units.