Human Resources and Workforce Approach at BEST A.Ş.

Our primary goal is to ensure sustainability of a human resources structure that will enable BEST A.Ş. to achieve its objectives and to fulfill its commitments. The main principles that we take into consideration while establishing such sustainability are specified below.


To act fairly in all processes that concern our employees, starting from the recruitment process.

Respecting Employees

To develop systems that will increase work efficiency of employees and that encourage success and creativity. To ensure work environments and working conditions that increase corporate reliability and employee satisfaction.

Respecting Laws

To take legal provisions into consideration in establishment and implementation of business principles of BEST A.Ş.

Encouraging Development

To develop systems for personal and professional improvement of employees with the awareness that the success of BEST A.Ş. can be measured with the success of its employees.

Respect for Human

We sincerely believe that respect is at the heart of success and we advocate this culture with great sensitivity, from top management to the lowest units. It is the deepest function of HR in our company to protect the success of BEST shaped by the principle of being an individual with self-esteem and self-discipline, by developing and expanding these values and constantly monitoring them across the organization.