2010 Foundation of R&D Center
First R&D Center of the Sector
20+ Brand,
Patent ve Registry
100+ R&D Center
35 PROJE/YIL 50.000.000 TL / Year
R&D Expenditure

BEST R&D Center is the first R&D Center established in the Turkish energy sector and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology as of 2010. In 2014,our R&D Center was given the "Leading R&D Center in the Energy Sector" award and our R&D Center Manager was awarded the "Refik Üreyen - Turkey's Most Innovative Private Sector Employee" award given by TTGV in 2018. According to the Turkishtime R&D 250 research, in which sectoral R&D Center expenditures are followed, our R&D Center took place in the top 30 in Turkey and continued its leadership in the transformer industry every year.

Being above the European Union average of 2% and Turkey's average of 1%, we allocate approximately 3% of our turnover to R&D investments every year, and we aim to increase our projects day by day. With our team of more than 100 employees and an average of 35 R&D Center projects per year, we have taken our place among the top 50 companies that spend the most on R&D in Turkey.

We are leading our company in catching the future with the innovation system we carry out within the scope of R&D. We continue to be active in our field in Turkey and abroad,we always aim for the better. We are the R&D Center, the creator of Turkey's leading research projects based on university-industry cooperation like Besttez. We develop up-to-date transformer technologies and solutions by conducting TÜBİTAK-approved joint studies with national and international universities and organizations, and share information with the industry and academia through our national and international academic publications. In our Patent and Intellectual Rights department, we ensure the continuity of our 19 patent applications in addition to our patents approved by Turkey, World and Europe, and we continue to work in this field. We have our representatives in Cigre Turkey and Cigre International, and we carry out the A2 Turkey Presidency and A2 Turkey International Representation with our R&D Center manager.