Oil Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers are used in urban distribution systems, buildings and industrial plants. BEST manufactures distribution transformers for all kinds of needs with its experience dating 1966, as well as its modern design and production plants. Design of all kinds of oil-immersed distribution transformers below 16MVA and 72,5kV are made by BEST design team according to the principles of maximum efficiency, compactness and endurance in compliance with customer demands.

Distribution Transformers

  • They are transformers used in distribution and transmission lines.
  • Distribution lines feed residential, industrial facilities, commercial and public spaces.
  • Distribution transformers used for transmission lines are also mainly used in renewable energy projects.
  • It can be produced hermetically, with hermetic, expansion tank and gas cushion.
  • It can be designed as idle and load tap switches.
  • Production capacity is up to 16 MVA and 72.5 kV.

Rectifier Transformers

  • It is used to provide constant and continuous tension in small and large scale production companies, hoists and rolling mills using production lines.
  • These transformers isolate the system from the network and prevent reactive power generation.
  • It is produced in 6, 12 and 24 pulses.
  • Production capacity is up to 20 MVA 16 kV. kV.

Earthing Transformers

Earthing transformers are used for creating a neural point that can be connected to the ground for systems fed with delta connected coil.

They are not only used for grounding, but also can be used to provide output for the service needs.

  • Production capacity is up to 72,5kV.
  • In ZN, ZNyn and YN(d) connection groups.
  • Designs made with different currents and periods according to customer requirements.