Power Transformers

16MVA and 72,5kV and above, oil-immersed transformers are described as Power Transformers. Power transformers require distinct expertise and experience in particularly insulation and cooling issues. BEST is capable of designing, manufacturing and testing power transformers up to 1250MVA, 765kV with its modern plants thanks to 50 years domestic and international experience. Although they essentially have similar structure, particularly the differences in customer requirements and specifications call for new design for each transformer. Therefore, BEST Electrical and Mechanical design groups handle each transformer separately. BEST manufactures power transformers that meet every requirement in every power and voltage range above 16MVA.

Auto Transformators

These high-voltage transformers are particularly used for connecting grids at different voltages.

If voltage levels are close, autotransformers provide economical advantage. In autotransformers, measures should be taken particularly against short circuits. Three-phase and single phase autotransformers up to 550kV, 500MVA, manufactured in the BEST plants have also successfully completed short circuit tests and they have been in operation since their first introduction in the grids.

  • Production capacity up to 1250MVA, 765kV.
  • Constant Flux Voltage Variation or Variable Flux Voltage Variation designs.

Step Up/Down Transformers

Generator transformers amplify generator output voltage to transmission line voltage. They should be designed in consideration of generator characteristics.

They can have Neutral and Load step switches. Generator transformers have vital importance in meeting continuous and quality energy need of grids.

  • Production capacity up to 1250MVA, 765kV.
  • Designs made in consideration of overexcitation and loading curves of generators.

Railway Transformers

These transformers reduce line voltage to the supply voltage of railway line.

Issues specific to railway systems, notably high overcurrents, should be taken into consideration. BEST also contributes to this field with transformers that it provided to many railway transportation systems including Marmaray.

  • Production capacity up to 100MVA, 420kV.
  • Special Care made to frequently repeated overcurrents.

Mobile Transformers

These transformers are used at mobile switchyards and loaded on transportation vehicles such as truck or railroad carriage.

As they can be used at multiple points of the grid, compliance with multiple voltage levels required. BEST manufactures transformers for mobile switchyards in many countries in cooperation with its experienced solution partners.

  • Production capacity up to 100MVA 245kV.
  • Land and railroad transportation limitations are complied.