For a better world

As BEST, we consider the concept of sustainability as the cornerstone of our business processes.

Environmental Awareness

We aim to improve the quality of life of our society, fulfill our responsibilities towards our employees and their families, local people and other stakeholders, with our understanding of using resources efficiently, proactive understanding to detect risks in advance, and our business understanding that we develop within the framework of respect for the world, environment and people.

Human and Society

R&D studies on environmentally sensitive technologies and renewable energy investments we made to meet the energy needs of our factory stand out as a good example of BEST's reflection of sustainability philosophy on its business strategies.

Job Responsibility

We continue to be one of the driving forces in local economic development with our investments in our country and the development of the sector. In addition to being sensitive to environmental and social projects, we both support social responsibility projects in Balıkesir and its surroundings and we are a part of Turkish Education Foundation projects in which our Chairman of the Board of Directors Rona Yırcalı actively takes part.

In 2019, we signed the United Nations (UN) Global Cooperation Agreement, consisting of 10 articles on "human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption". Launched in 1999 and so far more than 9,500 from 160 countries, and from Turkey, where 231 companies participated in the route we will follow after the UN initiatives have drawn in the light of the following items and have received under the institutional commitment.

More Detail

01. To act with equal payment principle without discriminating race, religion, language or gender among our employees and to consider the principle of merit in promotions and titles.

02. To consider our employees as members of BEST family and to ensure their satisfaction with benefit packages and social activity programs.

03. To act in accordance with international norms in terms of quality standards and to ensure customer satisfaction.

04. To develop an environmental health policy in compliance with international norms and to keep environmental responsibility awareness at the highest level.

05. To develop an environmental health policy in compliance with international norms and to keep environmental responsibility awareness at the highest level.

06. To protect and observe legal rights and liabilities of our employees.

07. To protect personal information and confidentiality of private life of our employees to the fullest extent.

08. To provide necessary training opportunities, in order for our employees to improve themselves.

09. Not to permit any kind of physical and sexual harassment, as well as mobbing against employees within the establishment.

10. To comply with product and service standards pledged to customers and employees.

11. To comply with all measures that can be taken in order to ensure safety in products and services.

12. To avoid bribery and corruption..

13. To be honest and fair in relations with suppliers and contractors

14. To compel suppliers and contractors to comply with responsible work principles.

15. To contribute to environment for a better work and business life.

16. To be sensitive to cultural, social and economic needs of its environment.

17. To minimize pollution and waste in resource utilization, and to protect the environment

18. To be accountable to shareholders and to notify any change that concerns the organization.

19. To carry out risk management for shareholders and to ensure utilization pursuant to agreed terms.

20. To comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.